Sierra Leonean – China based professional painter Neneh Ada Koroma popularly known as Queennak has reacted to allegations of former boyfriend Morris D Wonderboy over her not being sweet on bed.

Being a professional painter, Philanthropist and entrepreneur for years, she few years ago answered the call to Music after meeting former boyfriend, Morris. When interviewed what could be the possible reasons to her great move, Morris said she has been a fan of music for a while but has made the choice to be in the game and make money too.

“She has been a great fan of music and she wants to contribute to nation building through music.” To represent her country Sierra Leone around the world as a talented musician, and it’s an honest way of making money too, lol,”  Morris said.

Their love story was unique like anyother. This made many Sierra Leoneans had the thoughts of their relationship being everlasting. It came as a shock when both celebrities had clashes over accusations of cheating. Since the time they took a break or maybe separated, the celebrities have been bashing at each other on social media.

On a recent post dated today, 9th August 2022, Morris D Wonderboy on a Facebook comment blasted at former girlfriend, Queennak on allegations of her not being sweet on bed. This reaction of the celebrity was as a result of a comment that was claimed to have come Queennak. with anger or maybe fighting back as a man, Morris altered words that were like acid in a saw.

This post of Morris hit Queennak to the extreme that, with dismay and anger, the celebrity used swear words on herself over the allegations.  On her post, Queennak claimed that since their separation, Morris has been bashing at her, family, Kid and mother. He has alleged her of sleeping with every man on Earth. She furthered that, Morris had gone to the extreme of creating fake Facebook pages teasing people to throw shots at Queennak, making people believe the messages are from her.

In anger and dismay, Queennak swear Morris and affirmed that he will surely see her progressing in her career and her entire life.