Singer Mohamed Saccoh popularly known as K-Man has revealed the reason why he decided to quit football and focus on music. He made this revelation during an interview on Inside Salone Facebook page with Rajah.

K-Man stated that, apart from music, he was good at football as well. He said he played for the school that he attended, Ahmadiyya Secondary School in Freetown and he was participating in football competitions organized in the Fourah Bay community.

The R&B singer said that, he became popular in football when he was playing at Kissy Road as ladies were supporting him because of his football skills. K-Man stated that, he was playing football and at the same time doing music. He said he decided to quit football when he was fouled by one of his colleague players that almost break his foot. He added that, when he got home, his parents were mad at him as they never wanted him to play football. This made him quit football and focused on music.