According to half-year (January to June – 2021) Sexual and Gender-Based Violence Survivors’ Data, Rainbo recorded 1691 (1522 sexual assault and 169 physical assault) cases across their 5 Rainbo Centres in Freetown, Bo, Makeni, Kenema and Kono.

Out of this total, 11 of the survivors tested positive with HIV/AIDS and 242 were confirmed to be pregnant at the time they visited our Rainbo Centres after the abuse. 12 male survivors were also attended to.

Every day, Rainbo collect GBV data and add it to their extensive database, where they can track yearly and district trends in GBV cases. Rainbo share the data in their monthly stakeholders’ meetings with relevant authorities or organisations/partners working on prevention and response to GBV issues to make decisions and design new interventions. Rainbo stated that they have a credible and accurate database, and that they are recognised by Government and other GBV actors.