On Wednesday 2nd February, 2022, the Governor of the Bank of Sierra Leone (BSL), Prof. Kelfala M. Kallon, hosted a dinner to honor Leone Stars, Sierra Leone’s national Football team at the BSL Staff Recreation Complex, Kingtom.

The event was attended by a cross section of players, mostly home based, members of the coaching staff including the Head Coach, Mr. John Keister , senior officials of the Sierra Leone Football Association including the President, Officials of the National Sports Authority and other senior Government officials.

Thanking the Team during his after dinner statement, Governor Kallon said the magnitude of the team’s success will be felt across the country for a longtime. He noted that the team united Sierra Leoneans at home and abroad around a single issue for two weeks, as everyone prayed for their success. He specifically thanked the Coach for a job well done, especially for being consistently focused on the objective amidst all the noise.

He singled out the Goal keeper, Mr. Mohamed Kamara for special thanks, because he did not only made Sierra Leoneans proud but thought the country an indelible lesson which was, if Sierra Leoneans worked as hard as Mr. Kamara did on the bitch to defend and stand up for Sierra Leone, the country‘s economy will outperform the most extravagant expectations.

He called on the team to continue the good work and to remain steadfast in their commitment to do even better. He said they have shown that good things can happen in Sierra Leone and it will continue in the future. He assured the team of the Bank’s strong support at all times and that the Bank will work with the team where ever possible.

Giving the vote of thanks, the President of the Sierra Leone Football Association, Mr. Thomas Daddy Brima, assured the Governor that the SLFA will continue to do what it can to strengthen football at all levels.

He noted that the team’s performance in Cameroon demonstrated what football can do for national cohesion if given the requisite support. He called on the corporate sector to sponsor football noting that it is only in that way that the sport will strive. He thanked the Governor for the strong support and assured all that they will continue to fly the country’s flag high.