Dr. Sao-Kpato Hannah Isatta Max-Kyne, the Commissioner of the National Commission for Social Action (NaCSA), has on the 29th January 2023 at NaCSA House, 14-16 Charlotte Street, Freetown declared 2023 as a year of Rapid Delivery.

The commissioner made this statement as she was Consistent with the aspirations in the country’s Medium Term National Development Plan (MTNDP) and the Quick Action Economic Response Plan (QAERP),

Implementing the Community Driven Development Program (CDDP) on increasing access to Social Services for Vulnerable Rural Communities through Hardware interventions, a project funded by the Government of Sierra Leone has seen the first phase ‘Part 1’ Achievement by Different Districts in the country as part of the broad perspective of work delivery of the commission.

’NaCSA is a semi-autonomous government agency that augments the work of social sector Ministries and Agencies and local authorities in delivering social services to deprived and remote communities across the country. NaCSA’s broad mandate is ‘to provide and otherwise engage in social relief programs and to promote community-based demand-driven and sustainable development activities leading to the alleviation of poverty and improvement in the speed, quality and impact of development initiatives in cooperation with non-governmental organizations, relevant ministries, private sector partners and other interested partners,” she said.

The Commission is geared up in the implementation of different developmental projects; including the Social Safety Net Project (SSN), The Sierra Leone Community Demand Driven Project, the Community Driven Development Program, and the Pro-Poor Growth for Peace Consolidation (GPC) Programme. A snapshot of 2022 indicates sustained progress and people-centric development initiatives tailored toward building the country’s human capital respectively.

Speaking on the broad aspects of work delivered and those set to be delivered by the government through her commission, she pointed out a total satisfaction and maintained that it will be in the best interest of the nation.

Max-Kyne confirmed that they are set to roll out a structured service delivery that may heighten the continued progressive work of the president.

’I feel very elated as I watch the pictorial evidence of the many good works we are doing across all projects.  I see most of our Program Managers gingered up in this first month of 2023, indicating that they are firing on all cylinders to help us achieve our goal for this year with the theme: RAPID DELIVERY,” she stated.

“We look forward with heightened optimism to the continued positive political leadership of His Excellency Dr. Julius Maada Bio which has guaranteed citizen-and-donor confidence. We are pleased to have commenced the implementation of the Productive Social Safety Net and Youth Empowerment (PSSNYE) Project, the successor to the Social Safety Net (SSN),’’ she concluded.