On Thursday, June 6th, 2024, RCBank celebrated the 5th anniversary of its Tree Planting Project at Petifu Kangalop, Masiaka, reinforcing its commitment to environmental sustainability.

The event, which drew hundreds of guests and community residents, was themed: “Plant More Trees, So That the Next Generation Can Get Air for Free.”

RCBank Limited has continually demonstrated its dedication to protecting and preserving the environment. The Deputy Managing Director, Mr. Emmanuel E. Borbor, highlighted the bank’s responsibility to integrate with and support the communities in which it operates. “Planting trees improves the air quality for humans to breathe and prevents heavy winds from causing destruction,” Borbor stated. “Tree planting is universal and the cleanest form of agriculture. Anyone can start tree planting as it requires minimal capital.” He encouraged the community to join the initiative, emphasizing the myriad benefits of tree planting. Borbor also appealed for additional land to expand the project further.

Neneh Tunis, CEO of Keeping Hope Alive, underscored the dual importance of planting and maintaining trees. “It is one thing to plant trees, but challenging to maintain them,” she remarked. “Tree planting also provides job creation for locals and mitigates the effects of climate change. We must all work together to create a sustainable and resilient environment.”

Paramount Chief of Petifu Kangalop, Masiaka, PC Bai Kompra Bomboli III, spoke about the origins of the project, initiated by his father in collaboration with RCBank. “We will never stop planting trees,” he affirmed. He addressed the challenges faced by local communities, including the demand for charcoal. “The demand for charcoal in the capital, Freetown, drives local deforestation. I urge the government to provide alternative fuel sources, like gas, to reduce reliance on charcoal.” He pledged continued collaboration with RCBank and vowed to educate the populace on climate change. He commended RCBank’s dedication and promised to allocate more land for the initiative.

Ambrose Bindi, head of Tree Crop at the Ministry of Agriculture, delivered the keynote address. Bindi commended RCBank for its contribution to environmental conservation. He underscored the importance of tree planting in supporting food security initiatives, urging widespread participation in the Feed Salone project. “The stomach does not belong to a party of color, so it is important that everyone supports the Feed Salone project,” he said. He praised RCBank and Neneh Tunis for their contributions to tree planting, a crucial element in combating climate change. Bindi highlighted that the initiative by RCBank is part of a global effort and stated, “It’s commendable for a bank to engage in such an important venture.”

Madam Shola Taylor Pearce, Executive Secretary of the Sierra Leone Association of Commercial Banks, congratulated RCBank on behalf of all 13 managing directors. “Five years ago, I planted a tree here, and today it is taller than me. This symbolizes the power of a seed and the importance of roots, much like RCBank’s roots in this initiative,” she stated. “Together everyone achieves more, and that is what our association stands for.”

The celebration was climaxed by the planting of 30 trees by dignitaries and both senior and junior staff of RCBank, symbolizing their continued commitment to environmental stewardship and community engagement.

The vote of thanks was given by Mrs. Mariama Jajua, Head of Marketing, Business Development, and Corporate Affairs, who acknowledged and appreciated all guests, community members, and staff of RCBank for supporting this wonderful initiative.

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