In an era of rapid technological advancement and heightened global uncertainty, RCBank Managing Director, Dr. Walton Ekundayo Gilpin and Top Management have participated in a High-level conference hosted by the George Washington University at the Elliot School of Business on Wednesday April 17, 2024 bringing together Central Bank Governors, private sector CEOs, digital technology leaders, and academics to discuss the challenges facing the continent as well as the policies and initiatives that can help transform African financial systems.

The Keynote speaker of the event is John Mahama, Former President of Ghana.

The theme for the event is The Future of Finance and Trade in Africa ; Harnessing Emerging Technologies and Financial Innovation for inclusive growth.

During the conference, the MD of RCBank delve into issues surrounding emerging technologies, artificial intelligence, cyber security, and innovative solutions that African banks can develop to help drive sustainable and inclusive economic growth.

Key among the discussions the Managing Director and Top Management Participated in are Climate Finance and Finance Innovation, Emerging Technologies for Inclusive Financial services Delivery, Financial Innovations Driving Africa’s growth and U.S Economic Policy in Africa: Supporting progress on the Continent.



Dr. Walton Gilpin was part of a panel of experts that deliberated on the topic; Financial  Innovations Driving Africa’s Growth. The discussion shed light on innovative financial solutions, payment systems, mobile banking, and digital platforms that can propel African economic growth. Experts also draw espoused on how to adapt these innovations to local contexts, build a stronger financial infrastructure, and foster collaboration among government agencies, the domestic private sector, and foreign investors to drive financial inclusion, entrepreneurship, and economic progress.

The conference also created a platform where participants delve into the opportunities for advanced economies to enhance trade and investment in the region for mutual benefit by bringing together policymakers and practitioners sharing the common goal of advancing Africa’s progress