Allegedly, ASP Philip Amera and ASP Bona, two senior police officers at the Human Resources Department in the Police Headquarters, are involved in a scam that resulted in 132 police trainees being expelled from the Police Training School over the weekend.

Sources at the Police Headquarters reported that case files will soon be opened at the Complaints, Discipline, and Internal Investigations Department (CDIID) after complaints have been filed by the alleged victims.

According to reports, the Inspector General of Police, William Fayia Sellu, discovered the corruption scam after demanding the list of qualified Sierra Leoneans for police recruitment in order to conduct a thorough vetting.

It was found that a total of 1,073 Sierra Leoneans were recruited without undergoing public exams and interviews, and 60% of these applicants were accepted into the Police Academy at Hastings without undergoing medical tests and fingerprinting as required by the Police Recruitment Policy.

Surprisingly, 132 of the recruits were removed from the Police Training School on May 6, 2023, despite having started their training and undergoing Gun and Tactics Training.

Meanwhile, those who had entered through the proper legal process of sitting for examinations were left out of the process, according to sources at the Police Headquarters.

An unnamed source claimed that each applicant paid Le5,000,000 to have their names appear on the final list. The 132 recruits removed from the Police Training School are now demanding a refund from the two senior police officers.

In response, the Head of Police Media Unit, Brima Kamara, stated that the removed recruits did not deserve to be at the training and were asked to leave.

He denied knowledge of the alleged transactions involving payments of Le5,000,000 each to the two personnel of the Human Resource Department. Kamara suggested that the recruits should report the incident to the police criminally and/or to the CDIID for their alleged conduct.