The Milton Margai Technical University has handed over the site to PFMU, ECG, and EBCO-BITAR for the construction of new buildings and the rehabilitation of existing ones.

The ceremony took place in the Inner Room of the Great Hall, Goderich Campus.

The project is being supported by the Government through the Sierra Leone Education Sector Support Project (SLESSP) with funds from the Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa (BADEA), OPEC Fund for International Development (OFID), and Saudi Fund.

The Chief Technical and Higher Education Officer at MTHE, Dr. Josephus Brima extended his thanks and appreciation to those present during the ceremony, noting that; a few issues have been raised by the beneficiary of the project, he said as a Ministry, they are quickly going to address those issues thus that will not stop the commencement of the project.

The Chancellor of the University, Dr Victor E. A Kabia thanked all the partners for accepting the responsibility to provide the necessary support for the project, he reiterated the statement made by the Chief Technical Officer about the concerns raised by them and hoped the project coordinator would facilitate a meeting to swiftly address those concerns, adding that, it would in no way stop the project for continuing to meet the time frame.

The Procurement Specialist at PFMU representing the project coordinator, Emmanuel Joseph Saidu, noted that they are aware of the concerns raised by the institution and assured of a quick redress.
PFMU, which is charged with the responsibility of all fiduciary management of the project; PFMU will monitor the process closely to meet its standard, Mr Saidu noted.

Both the consulting firm ECG and the contractor EBCO-BITAR noted that they were thrilled about the trust bestowed on them and promised to deliver the desired expectation of the project.

The hard-working Vice Chancellor, Prof Philip John Kanu who is a strong proponent of President Bioโ€™s vision to recast and give a facelift to education in this country, firmly monitored the process of the project closely to make sure that the institution get the quality it deserves coupled with the State-of-the-art design.

The institution will have modern hostels for students, staff quarters, and an auditorium, amongst others.
They thanked the government for considering Milton Margai as a beneficiary of the project.

The ceremony climaxed with the handing over of the site by the Chancellor of the university to PFMU, who in return handed it over to the consulting firm ECG who again handed the site over to the contractor (EBCO-BITAR) for the commencement of work.