The Release of LAC from his two sentences- 26 years and death by hanging from the pademba prisons shows that the Judiciary System under the Bio led government is a total Sham.

A judiciary that is fit to describe as hopeless for those who hope for Justice, just like the mother, wife and children of DJ Clef that were relieved of pain due to the justice they got, hence lac was given such sentences.

Today pain, grief and sorrow have again immerged from the heart and eyes of the relatives of DJ clef. A disgrace and shame will continue to dwindle the reputation of Bio till he faces his death, for death is the end of all mortals.

The nation of Sierra Leone has finally lost all hopes in the judiciary of Bio’s government, due to this reckless behaviour of releasing a man that destroyed the reputation of our country into the international world by even scaring away investors that wanted to come to our country to invest all in the name ritualist lac.

Today that man is walking a free man again, there by throwing another fear and freight to all of us that stood for such justice. A disgrace to democracy, a disgrace to leadership, a disgrace to the security for there is no trust to all those institutions again. What is the fate of the ordinary citizens’ security?

If those institutions that suppose to hold justice and security are messing up like this. This calls for a national morning for the release of a notorious killer and ritualist that has been found guilty by a competent court of law.