Religious affiliations has been one of the few factors that hasn’t caused any serious challenge in Sierra Leone. The relationship between the two major religions has been cordial despite the fact that most of their members belongs to different political parties.

During the eleven years senseless rebel war in the country, the Inter-religious Council played a pivotal role in brokering peace deal between the government and the Revolutionary United Front.

As if it has now become a law in Sierra Leone, if the flag bearer of a political party is a Muslim, the running mate should be a Christian. Meaning, both the flag bearer and his or her running mate shouldn’t belong to the same religion.

Siaka Stevens, a Christian, had S.I. Koroma, a Muslim as his vice president.
President Alhaji Ahmad Tejan Kabba, a Muslim, had Dr. Joe Demby and Solomon Berewa as his vice presidents, both Christians.
Former President Ernest Koroma, a Christian, had Chief Sam Sumana, a Muslim, as his vice president.
Current president Julius Maada Bio, a Christian, has Dr. Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh, a Muslim as his vice president. Hopefully, they might continue in 2023, all things being equal.

However, amongst the these two major political parties only the SLPP has produced one leader in the person of Alhaji Ahmad Tejan Kabba. The APC has never for once produced a single Muslim leader.

It is no hidden secret that Muslims form the majority of Sierra Leone population.

Interestingly, I see the former APC flag bearer, Dr. Samura Kamara, a Christian, crisscrossing mosques all over the country trying to woo Muslims for support.

It is also a fact that Muslims vote will go a long way in determining who becomes the next president of the country come 2023.

Will the APC party take advantage of this strategic move and fill in a Muslim candidate as their party’s flag bearer come 2023? Only time will tell.