With the help of the Returnee project as supported by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) Lucy, a Returnee has been engaged in Agriculture and subsequently created job opportunities for over 200 people in her hometown of Makeni.ย 

The IOM maintained that With the high number of Sierra Leonean migrants returning home, one should always know that, they are vital and are becoming very important within their communities as change agents and creating the pace in accelerating development.

According to them, Lucy, is a returnee who is actively engaged in agriculture, creating livelihoods & empowering over 200 people in her hometown, Makeni, adding that, she also runs a vocational institute which provides free capacity building to women, especially victims of trafficking (VoTs).

The IOM has been very proactive in the issue of getting these migrants back into their community and helping them make use of their true talents for helping other members of their Communities.

Lusy expressed zeal and total commitment to support her people and community especially the women for them to not only understand their potentials but to also use them in helping others achieve similar trajectory. Her story has also become a motivation to other returnees as well as Sierra Leoneans who still finds it difficult to maintain the drive of entrepreneurship and self-Management.

As part of accelerating development, they have also handed over digital devices to the National Disaster Management Agency in the framework of their efforts in addressing human mobility in the context risk reduction.

They expressed total commitment to support the NDMA with essential technical devices which serve the effort to complement the efforts of the Agency towards Disaster Risk Reduction in the country.