A group of returnees facilitated by the Government of Sierra Leone and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) have taken up the responsibility of cleaning drainages in major communities and streets of Freetown.

The initiative, known as the Community Disaster Risk Reduction (DDR) project, was launched in Freetown just a week ago. This collaborative effort aims to address the issues posed by blocked drainages and promote disaster preparedness within the city.

During the first week of the project’s implementation, a remarkable achievement was witnessed as approximately 170 tons of waste were successfully cleared from clogged drainages in various key areas of Freetown. This significant step not only helps in improving drainage systems but also prevents potential flooding and other environmental hazards.

The cleaning project is part of a cash-based intervention (CBI) initiative that employs 50 returnees who have been repatriated with the support of France and the European Union.