Among the reality TV shows fill with love, education and drama, Housemates Salone Season 3 Reality TV Show takes all the credit. As the show hits day 26 and heading to another week of eviction come Sunday, a revelation came that two Americans will be evicted which will be a shock to many.

On the morning hours of day 26th of the show, while housemates having their normal house chores to do, it was unexpected revealed that George Taylor and possible Julie Tombo will likely be evicted this Sunday’s eviction.

George Taylor who was accused by fellow male housemates of using the bathroom room without doing the needful always, was very agitated by these words from colleagues. According to George Taylor, housemates were looking at him as a threat. He further confirmed that he is going to be last standing couple in the house. This he affirmed that was as a result of his fan base he has.

When Paul Mbayo, M’Posh and Almon were teasing him to make him angry and see what his reactions mighty be, he controlled himself and claimed no matter their actions were to him, he is not going to get angry. This he said is as a result of he does when he is very angry.

Paul Mbayo who saw the revelation told fellow housemates that George Taylor will definitely leave the house plus another American, who might be Julie Tombo. In revealing his revelation, he explained that he had a dream where he saw a man with the exact description like George Taylor and another whom the vision was not so clear but from American like George Taylor.

If this is a true revelation or just a prank to hit George Taylor as a boys game thing, we are yet to find out until Sunday comes.