The Hon. Justice Adrian Fisher who presided over two hundred and five (205) cases in the Prison Court Exercise at the Kambia Correctional Facility, has acquitted and discharged thirty two (32) inmates who were summarily tried and sentenced by the Magistrate’s Court.

The decision to acquit and discharge convicts is exercised in accordance with Chapter 17 of the Laws of Sierra Leone which deals with summary review of Magistrate’s courts cases.

The Hon. Justice Fisher was initially allocated hundred and ninety seven (197), but had eight (8) more added, bringing it to a total of total 205.
The offenses looked into range from Larceny, unlawful possision of drugs, and fraudulent conversion among others .

Among the 52 convicts, Justice Fisher reduced the sentences of nine (9) and upheld the convictions of 12 others.

Among the twelve (12) imates on remand, one was admitted to bail, two others on bail had their bail revoked, two bail conditions varied and 6 bail conditions upheld, among others.

Addressing the inmates acquitted and discharged, Hon. Justice Fisher said he knew the term of imprisonment was not commensurate to the weight of the offenses committed, but as well a way to reduce criminals in the society.

Hon. Justice Fisher used the occasion to encourage young people especially women to stay away from the misuse of drugs especially KUSH and be useful to their parents and Sierra Leone.

He added that even though the Prison Court aims at decongesting the Correctional Centres through fair and effective justice delivery and to reduce government expenditure, those who are of imminent threats to the peace of the country should be kept away.

He encouraged the released inmates to either go back to school or engage in any profitable activities.

Fines were as well paid in lue of impressionment for few imates.

Also part of the exercise were State Counsel P.L Williams and Defense Counsel I. Samba from Legal Aid board.