Sierra Leoneans at home and abroad are currently in doubt over the ongoing investigation of an alleged ritual murder matter involving an employee of the National Commissioner for Social Action (NaCSA) by the name of Chris.

Investigation mounted by The Times SL revealed that the incident occurred at Fudia Terrace, Spur Loop, Freetown, leaving the whole community in shock.

It was revealed that Chris, who according to our source, is a consultant hired by NaCSA and having a close relationship with the head of NaCSA, Dr. Saio-Kpato Hannah Max-Kyne, lives opposite the Siena Patso Junior and Secondary School, from where he is alleged to have surreptitiously abducted, albeit under pretense, three kids for performance of some ritual, which he described as ‘sara’.

According to our source, Chris approached the two teachers of the said school and requested for six virgins to perform charity, and it was communicated to the principal, who refused to honour the request and called an urgent staff meeting on the matter. It was also disclosed that he later offered a handsome reward to the teachers, who then stealthily took three pupils in the company of Chris to an unfurnished building nearby where a native doctor was waiting, who later performed the sacrifice, offering coconut and peak milk to the kids, one of the children ate, whilst the others refused, and were forced to take the coconut and milk home in a plastic bag. This incident, it was disclosed to place without the knowledge of the principal and the parents.

It only came to light on the next day, when the little girl that ate the sacrificial food, started expressing profuse bleeding and stomach pain.

After changing several sanitary pads, the parents then took her to the principal, requesting for explanation about where her daughter was taken and what was offered to her that had resulted in the bleeding. Upon further revelation, which included the participation of the two teachers, principal, Lawrence Kamara, then called on the police.

Christian commonly as Chris and the culprit were arrested and brought to New England Ville Police Station, and were later put on bail, allegedly with the intervention of Dr. Saio-Kpato Hannah Max-Kyne of NaCSA, who went to the New Egland Police Station, coupled with several calls, allegedly from senior government officials leaving the victims helpless.

Chris and the others were re-arrested again on Monday 4th October 2021, and brought to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) after publication by The Times SL Newspaper.

A new twist in the matter come to light when the re-arrested accused were released late on Monday evening, prompting concerned Seirra Leoneans to opine that the arrest of the suspect on Monday morning was a ploy to hoodwink the public that some action is being taken, especially as the matter has generate so much public interested. Questions have ben asked as to why the re-arrest if the suspects, when it was clear that they are going to be released on the same day.

Zainab Kamara, mother of the main victim (the bleeding girl), stated that she is struggling to get medication for her child, and since the incident, no one had approached her to check on the health status of her daughter, adding that as things seem to have taken a different turn, family members of the accused are now getting in touch with her to have an out of police and court settlement, as there are indications that the matter will soon be charged to court.

Police at CID confirmed that the accused are on bail and that the matter is still under investigation and the file will soon be sent to the law Officers’ Department for advice.

The poor mother who couldn’t afford legal fees is now with fear that she will find it difficult to continue with the legal battle because she has no support.

It was disclosed that the prime suspect in the matter had earlier mentioned the name of the Chief Minister Jacob Jusu Saffa, asserting that he is aware of his act. However, there are concerns among residents over who the owner of the unfinished house, where the said ritual was performed, is.