Road Safety Watch-Sierra Leone has issued out a Press Statement calling on the attention of the ministries of Trade and Transport towards the artificial Scarcity of Diesel caused by Fuel Dealers

In a statement  Signed  by the -Executive Director of road safety watch  King-kaprr Thallay Bah they claim that this artificial Scarcity has been affecting the Transportation sectors for the past weeks wherein Drivers and motor owners have been complaining to their organization, across the country with regards to this issue.

The statement went on to state that in a meeting held at the ministry of transport sometimes in April with key stakeholders of the transport sector, there was full assurance from the minister of trade and Transport that there was enough quantity of Diesel to serve the country for the next couple of months at a price of Le 15,000 from any fuel station

It furthered that this is just the Third month after that meeting and yet they are beginning to face another artificial Scarcity, especially on Diesel.

They went on to state that as an organization that addresses Issues of Transportation, they are therefore calling on the attention of the ministries of Trade and Transport respectively to please address this artificial Scarcity to avoid another strike from motor owners or drivers, as they are seriously complaining on this issue to their organization