The Board of Directors, Management and Staff of Rokel Commercial Bank (formerly Barclays Bank of Sierra Leone) have appreciated members of the fourth estate on their roles and contributions towards the Bank’s successes and achievements on Friday 26 January at the second Meet and Greet with the Media at the D’ Bim D’ Bam , Hall, Wellington Street, Freetown, Sierra Leone.

As a financial institution that provides banking and related financial services in a manner that builds strong, lasting and satisfying relationships with customers, employees, shareholders and other partners, RCBank hosted hundreds of Sierra Leoneans Journalists to celebrate the symbiotic relationship.

Irrespective of emerging challenges, in the close of 2023, RCBank appeared in major award ceremonies held home and abroad. This could not be isolated from the fact that RCBank has positioned itself as champion in financial inclusion and financial literacy in the country, one of the fastest growing banks and its innovative mechanism which has transform the institution into a profit making bank.

Speaking on the rationale behind the engagement with the media, Aruna Dumbuya, Head of RC Bank PR Unit revealed that if the Bank is thriving in Sierra Leone, all due to the hard work and relentless effort of the media in ensuring they propagate whatever the Bank is doing. In his brief Power point presentation, he highlighted the frantic efforts the bank has been making in upholding its Corporate Social Responsibility. He revealed how the Bank has been supporting the less-privilege persons, provided cash assistance to many transforming initiatives and provided assistance to learning institutions.

RCBank Deputy Managing Director, Mr. Emmanuel E. Borbor encouraged the media to continue with the Publication of the Bank’s achievements, services and activities to help raise Public awareness on the benefits of banking with Rokel Commercial Bank. He further admonished media that their doors are always open to confirm with the bank on allegations or claims made by people before publishing.

We put Sierra Leone first in all we do. There are many key players (banks), but we prioritize Sierra Leone. We need the media, organizations, institutions, businesses and individuals to always choose Rokel Commercial Bank because, for us, Sierra Leone comes first. Rokel Commercial Bank is one of the finest government institutions in this country. We have grown so big and wide, but we are still not satisfied. We want to keep growing and expanding all over this country. Other banks see hard-to-reach terrains in the provinces as difficult or impossible to operate in, but we (RCBank) are everywhere; and very soon this year we will be in many other places. The business has grown and we want to decongest the banking sector. We are number one with regard digitalization in the banking sector,” he noted

Head of ‘Sim Korpor Department, Madam Kezia Salankole said, as part of their transformative undertakings, the bank rolled out ‘Rokel SimKorpor’ (Rokel Sim Money), a mobile banking initiative that connects customers’ bank accounts to their mobile phones. She added that, with the RCBank SimKorpor, registered customers can do balance enquiries, interbank transfers, quick response code payment, merchant payment, agency payment, bills payment, and payment to non-account holders through phone numbers , paying for goods and services, handling third-party services, and paying bills from anywhere they are located.

This has facilitated financial inclusiveness, increased access to finance, and reduced costs for individuals, contributing to the growth of Sierra Leone’s economy,” she said.

Representing the media practioners, Thomax Dixon, Managing Editor of New Age Newspaper, Abdul Rahman Kamara of Star Tv, Eastina Taylor, President of Women in the Media (WIMSAL) expressed their appreciation to the continual support the Bank has been given to media houses. They encouraged the Bank to intensify their support to the media so they can continue in their promotion of financial literacy.

Management and staff of RCBank have ensured administrative efficiency and financial discipline ensuring Sierra Leoneans have access to banking services irrespective of distance. The new trajectory in the banking administration is towards financial Inclusion; it is productive to bring both investors and debtors together and increase returns to enhance confidence in Sierra Leone’s banking sector.
RCBank – The Bank of Choice!!!