Reputation Poll International LLC, a leading global reputation–management firm, has included the Managing Director of Rokel Commercial Bank among its list of 50 most Reputable Bank CEOs in Africa.

Dr Ekundayoh Gilpin is in a list of top banking executives from Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Egypt, South Africa and other big African economies that have been singled out for being the most forward looking CEOs on the continent.

This year’s poll recognizes banks COEs “who have built and played an imperative role in revolutionizing the banking sector based on the following criteria; Expertise, Technology, Excellence, integrity Reliability, and ease of credit.

They have helped their banks attain a great height of performance…” A prominent name in the list is the oldest CEO in Africa, Othman Benjellouma, a Moroccan banker, billionaire and businessman who co-founded the Bank of Africa and BMCE Bank. He has an estimated worth of US1.3 Billion according to Forbes Magazine.

Dr Ekundayo Giplin is the first- ever Sierra Leonean bank executive to be recognized in a group of 50 elite bankers in Africa.
This cannot be unconnected to his sound his management and transformative policies that have invariably repositioned the Rokel Commercial Bank from a loss making to a profit making financial institution.

On top of an ambitious expansion and marketing initiated in 2018, the Rokel Commercial Bank is rolling out a robust digitization programme that would introduce paperless transaction at every level in it’s banking operations.

The bank’s profits margins have been on an upward trajectory with an average of Le90 Billion profit after tax per annum.

According to the 2020 Mckinsley Report, the COVID -19 pandemic has dealt a severe blow on Africa’s banking industry with a significant decline in Return on Equity (ROE) or profitability from 14% in 2019 to 7% in 2020. The report adds, “These statistics are significantly better than average return on equity expected from developed markets which is estimated to dip below 1.5% in 2021.

The report also states that these leading banks are properly positioned by innovative CEOs and MDS who utilize adaptable strategies for emerging market trends. “They not only manage new operating models but also sustain a more functional innovation programme that banks retain to their advantage as fintech systems progresses,” the reports adds.

Speaking to this medium, Dr Ekundayo Gilpin said the recognition is not just about himself but rather, a feather on Sierra Leone. “With humility, I want to thank those who put this poll together to come out with such a result that favours me and my country. This simply is additional motivation to continue serving and make a difference,” he said.