The Erstwhile Leader for the Coalition For Change Party (C4C) in parliament, Saa Emerson Lamina who declared for the Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) together with two others has on the 4th May, 2023 secured the First place in the list of 10 SLPP nominated Members of Parliament to represent Kono district in the sixth Parliament after June 24 general elections.

In his statement, he expressed satisfaction over the process and his position on the list of nominated MPs for the SLPP in Kono district. He said, he is grateful to the leadership of the SLPP at the national and district levels, adding that, they made no mistake in choosing him for such a position and that he believes he can do more for the people of Kono and the country at large.

He furthered that, the people of Kono will vote for President Bio as they believed in his leadership as well as the several historical injustices he has corrected for the people of Kono.

“Kono has got a primary school for more than 112 years now with no university that and many more have been corrected by President Bio in changing the narrative for people. The people will vote for the 24 hours light they are enjoying now, the road construction, the maternal centre of excellence that is in progress, the more than 600 colvet and bridges rehabilitated in Kono, the free quality education, these and many more have got a total assurance for the people of Kono to give President Bio a second term with no run-off” he stated.

Speaking on his exit from the C4C to the SLPP he disclosed that, the purpose for which the C4C was formed was betrayed along the line and the corrections were not accepted by some of the stalwarts, adding that, since what he has always dreamed of for the people of Kono and the country at large is manifested by President Bio’s Administration, he saw the need to be part of the trajectory.

“I saw President Bio manifesting and exemplifying the ‘Nations First’ plan of the C4C which was missing in the party as the party (C4C) missed that track. I saw all what we were advocating for in this fifth parliament of President Bio, his willingness to do more for the people of Kono pushed me to give him my full support and we may be part of it to ensure that, this is achieve at its topmost”. He maintained.

He added that, he may still be a critical person in advocating for the people of Kono and to tap on every door to have the best for the district. He said, Kono district has always been his priority and will always be.

All three of them who declared their support for President Bio and the SLPP got the symbol in the district thus;

  1. Saa Emerson Lamina
  2. Simeon Johnny
  3. Rbecca Yei Sam
  4. Musa Fofanah
  5. Sia Tommy
  6. Steven Komba Quee
  7. Sahr K Momodu
  8. Sahr Francis Gbondo
  9. Bintu Gbanga
  10. Sahr Mohamed Komba