The SABCO Fishing Company, based in Jui, Western Rural District, has challenged the Electricity Distribution and Sales Authority (EDSA) to provide concrete evidence supporting claims that the company is illegally using electricity.

In a statement responding to a newspaper report from Friday, May 31, ABCO’s management denied any involvement in electricity theft. The company contended that the discovery of a blank meter, which EDSA alleges is an illegal distribution point, is insufficient evidence to implicate them in electricity theft.

SABCO’s management has distanced the company from these accusations and is awaiting further action from EDSA to prove that the meter discovered during an inspection was deliberately installed for the purpose of stealing electricity. The company emphasized its willingness to cooperate with EDSA and present its side of the story responsibly.

In their ongoing efforts to crack down on illegal electricity connections, EDSA staff have been conducting unannounced visits to suspected locations. During an inspection in Jui, EDSA claimed to have discovered that SABCO was illegally abstracting bulk electricity, causing significant revenue losses for the authority.

EDSA’s Public Relations Officer, Senesie Nepor, stated that bulk electricity theft by large institutions like SABCO has hindered the Authority’s ability to meet its financial targets to Karpowership. In recent months, religious worship places and public institutions have also been accused of unpaid electricity use. Under the National Electricity Act of 2011, illegal electricity connections are punishable by fines or imprisonment.

With the challenge from SABCO, the public now awaits EDSA’s response to substantiate their claims against the company. Should EDSA’s allegations be proven, appropriate measures will be taken against SABCO.