Conrad Sackey, the Minister of Basic and Senior Secondary Education-MBSSE has joined colleague education ministers from six African states under the leadership of Minister Andrew Mitchell to look at education advancement.

The meeting was focused at ensuring safety in schools across the continent for which all ministers present were very concerned in bringing out points and problem solving mechanisms.

Minister Sackey took the center stage in addressing the pressing issue of school safety. With a shared vision of creating safe and nurturing spaces for students to thrive, the ministers engaged in insightful conversations and strategic planning to drive positive change in the education sector across the continent.

They also emphasized the importance of collaboration and partnership among African nations to enhance safety protocols, implement effective policies, and foster a culture of security within educational institutions. This is viewed as a great move into solving many educational related issues as Sierra Leone currently works on the Free Quality School Education for all.

It was revealed that the collective efforts towards prioritizing safety in schools represent a significant step towards ensuring that all children have access to quality education free from fear or harm. By harnessing their collective expertise and shared commitment to the well-being of students, these ministers are set to pave the way for transformative changes that will benefit generations to come.

The meeting chaired by Minister Mitchell and Minister Sackey serves as a beacon of hope and progress in the realm of education policy, highlighting the power of international cooperation and coordinated action in addressing complex challenges.

Through their collaborative efforts, these visionary ministers are shaping a brighter future for African youth and setting a precedent for inclusive and secure educational landscapes across the continent and that is expected to have a greater impact on the youthful population.