It was really a big surprise to many Housemates Salone season 3 loving fans to see evicted housemates back in the house without  voting them in heard. This is from the fans side of view. In the house, though some are happy to see friends they have missed for weeks now since they were evicted, many are still in big doubt as to why bringing Nohmi George, M’Posh, Yeani Ellen Sundufu and famous TikToker Juju Jeks back in the house.

This occurrence happened shortly after the Housemates Salone Mid-Week eviction on Wednesday 13th July 2022. After Francis Mo Conteh stage named Karafilo and Aminata Tejan Mansaray aka Nata were evicted from the show, it came out a surprise to see Ex-Housemate Yeani, Nohmi, Juju Jeks and M’Posh back into the house.

One of the housemates with skeptical thought on the issue is Julie Tombo. Julie questioned the decision of housemates Salone owners why of all the evicted housemates they chose M’Posh, Juju Jeks, Yeani and George.

“Why of all the people to bring back it is you guys…..?” Julie asked sitting in the long bench with Nohmi, M’Posh and Juju Jeks.

Notwithstanding that they were expecting housemates to return in the house, their expectations were two weeks ago. This made them think that they are there for something else maybe a quick project and leave the house again.

Julie who is more skeptical but as well with critical thinking thoughts kept asking herself this, ‘why are they here in the house with suit cases completely packed like their first week of the house?’ But she is yet to realize that those guys have joined the Yagba game for the Le250,000 (new currency notes) which is equivalent to Le250,000,000 (two hundred and fifty million Leones) old currency notes.

Nohmi George was evicted this past Sunday 10th July 2022 with Augusta Yongai. Few days after the eviction, Julie was spotted locking lips with Almon Sall. This sh later disclosed to fans that there is no attachment to that and what happened is no concern of Nohmi George.

Julie who has mixed feelings for seeing Nohmi George was timid at the appearance of him. Could this be that guilt is fighting Julie over her actions over the week with Almon? We are yet to know but the fact still remains that she has mixed feelings for seeing Nohmi George back in the house.

When the boy from Port Loko City, Abdul Michael Koroma popularly known as M’Posh was asked their reasons in the house, he said it is for the heart break.

“It is for the cut heart….” M’Posh mentioned to fellow housemates. Fans an supporters are still looking to knowing how they entered the house again.

Housemates Salone Season 3 Reality TV show aka the Yagba Season with the theme ‘The game get yagba ‘ still continues with the Yagba as Ex-Housemate who had for weeks taken their hands off the game are in again.

All the best housemates as Sunday is just around the corner.

The Yagba Season continues!!!