An old video featuring well-known AYV journalist Samuel Wise Bangura has resurfaced online, showing him allegedly attempting to engage in illegal money doubling activities, shortly after he alleged to have been robbed of money and valuables including $7,000, an iPhone 14 Pro Max and several bank ID cards along Wilkinson Road in Freetown.

The video has garnered attention after being posted by the popular Facebook blog page Salone Gossip, which has uncovered details from alleged eyewitnesses.

According to several witnesses, some of whom reside in close proximity to the location of the incident, Samuel Wise Bangura was spotted near Grano Restaurant on Wilkinson Road, purportedly engaging in a transaction with fraudsters. An altercation arose over the filming of the money-doubling activity, resulting in an argument that took a turn for the worse. During the dispute, Bangura was pepper sprayed, prompting him to call out for help.

The situation took a surprising turn when an elderly woman intervened and rescued Bangura from the clutches of the alleged thugs. She ushered him into her living room, where he was photographed wearing a yellow shirt and blue jeans, as seen in the images he later shared online.

In response to Samuel Wise Bangura’s claim that he was merely covering an event, a neighbor familiar with the incident came forward to debunk his assertion. The individual emphatically stated that Bangura was, in fact, inside the house to engage in a deal with the suspected criminals, rather than reporting on an event. The neighbor questioned the plausibility of Bangura’s explanation, given the well-known criminal activities associated with the house in question, which is known to host thieves, thugs, and fraudsters.

The incident has left many puzzled and skeptical about Bangura’s involvement in such illicit activities, especially considering his reputation as a hardworking and respected journalist. The question on many minds is how someone known by the moniker “WISE” could find themselves entangled in an unlawful endeavor and attempt to mislead the public.

As the situation continues to unfold, individuals are left seeking answers and clarity on the circumstances surrounding Samuel Wise Bangura’s alleged foray into illegal money doubling.

On monday 7th August News broke out that Popular AYV journalist, Samuel Wise Bangura was robbed of money and valuables including $7,000, an iPhone 14 Pro Max and several bank ID cards along Wilkinson Road in Freetown.

Report indicated that Bangura was driving along the busy Wilkinson Road close to Kingdom Hall when an unidentified person pepper-sprayed him before forcibly carting away with his monies and valuables.

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