The leading 2023 flagbearer con tender for the All Peoples Congress (APC), Dr. Samura Kamara on Sunday 19th June, 2022, was ambushed during a grand launching ceremony of the Light Organization at Mission Road, Calaba Town in Freetown.

The colourful event attracted stakeholders from the party’s grassroot supporters and party affiliated groups.

Serving as Grand Chief Launcher, the leading flagbearer aspirant, Dr. Samura Kamara commended members of the Light Organization for their tremendous and selfless efforts in promoting the ideals of the party and for the membership mobilization drive.

He also expressed his delight to the executive members and the entire membership of the organization for their countless participation in all party activities and programmes across the country.

Dr. Samura Kamara concluded by encouraging the entire membership of the organization to be peaceful, law abiding, and to come out in their numbers and register come September 4th this year.

According to eyewitness, Dr Samura Kamara was ambushed while he was trying to leave the ceremony as APC members and supporters who were not aware of his visit to that part of the city later realized that he was there and trying to leave for another meeting. A sea of people blocked him and pleaded that they wanted him to spend a little more time with them. However, his security had to tactically find ways to

Many passersby who witnessed the scene opined that the growing popularity of Dr. Samura Kamara in recent time cannot be equated to a any leader this country has ever produced.”