Samura Kamara 2023 Communications Bureau has reported that Dr Samura Kamara has answered to the cries of the Kolleh Town fire victims by reaching out specifically to the 72 households that were badly affected by the inferno that occurred in January 23rd.

According to the Report, during his visitation, Dr. Samura Kamara informed the victims that he visited them primarily to fulfil his promised made during his first visitation. Dr Samura said that he understood exactly what the victims are going through, and what are their immediate needs and wants.

As a compassionate leader and a leader who understands the plight of the people, I’m not only here to sympathize with you but to also support you with building materials to help in the reconstruction and rehabilitation of your burnt houses, and also to render support in taking care of your children by providing food items and clothes” he added.

Daniel Kuyateh on behalf of the victims and the community, endlessly thanked Dr. Samura Kamara for what he described as timely donation. And further stated that the government of Maada Bio has neglected and rejected them.

“Since the incident occured to date, no single person from the government has chipped in to support the victims who are in dire need of shelter, food and clothing” Kuyateh concluded.

Dr. Samura Kamara encouraged the victims to be optimistic , resilient and be courageous as all is not lost. And ended that his party is deeply concerned and assures them that they’re with them in this difficult moments