Dr. Samura Kamara, leader of the All People’s Congress (APC) political party and former presidential candidate in Sierra Leone, extended warm wishes for the holiday season. Embracing the spirit of Christmas, Dr. Kamara conveyed his heartfelt greetings to all Sierra Leoneans, whether residing at home or abroad.

Reflecting on the significance of December 25th, Dr. Kamara said, “December 25 every year is Christmas day. I want to wish you all, my fellow Sierra Leoneans, both at home and abroad, a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year in advance.” His words carried a sense of unity, reaching out to the diverse communities that make up the nation.

Acknowledging the challenges faced in the past year, Dr. Kamara urged fellow citizens to reflect on the lessons learned. He emphasized the importance of correcting the present and protecting the future. The year 2023, according to him, provided valuable insights that could shape a more positive path forward.

Looking ahead to 2024, Dr. Samura Kamara shared his aspirations for the nation, stating, “I pray that 2024 will be a year of peace, progress, good health, long life, and prosperity in the life of every citizen in our beloved country.” His optimistic outlook aimed at fostering a sense of hope and positivity among the people.

In a gesture of unity, Dr. Kamara extended his blessings to both the Christian and Muslim communities, emphasizing the power of collective prayer for the nation. He concluded his message with a universal wish, saying, “Blessings to all!” This expression of goodwill from a prominent political figure serves as a reminder of the shared values and aspirations that bind the people of Sierra Leone, transcending political affiliations during this festive season.