The Presidential Candidate for the main opposition All Peoples Congress Party (APC) Samura Kamara has said that, it is not accurate to say, things are improving in Sierra Leone at this material time.

Kamara made this statement in an interview with Voice of America (VOA) where he stated that, there has been one or two human rights report on the situation currently in Sierra Leone, sighting the EU report, the Amnesty International and the State Department reports.

“ I don’t think it’s Accurate to say things are improving in Sierra Leone In this material time. It depends also for me, on who provides information to some of these institutions, whether it is NGOs or other reporters, it based on where they are coming from, whether they are sympathizers of the current administration or they are in opposition or they are working for Sierra Leone, I will rather prefer reports are based on the welfare of the typical sierra Leonean” he said.

He noted that, Sierra Leone has two sets of challenges. One of which he called ‘long standing nature’ where he said as a nation after 60 years of independence the nation cannot feed its people, no proper drinking water, no better electricity and extreme poverty.

The other he referred to as ‘today’s own typical challenges’ which are created by the government like dividing the country on a regional and ethnic basis. He stressed on the need for Sierra Leoneans to feel and see reasons for what happens in the country.