Dr Samurai Kamara, an aspiring candidate for the flagbearer position of the All People’s Congress (APC) party for the June 2023 Presidential election, has addressed his colleagues and stakeholders of the APC in a meeting.

Dr Samura Kamara stated that the time is near for the next general elections as it is barely five months away.

While addressing colleagues in the APC, he said the party is in a transitional period as they are moving from doing things the old way and said the new constitution makes provision for every position to be voted for.

While expressing confidence in the people’s vote, he said, in any competition, there must a winner and stated that it’s the responsibility of the winner to embrace his or her colleagues who were unable to win.

He also boasted that the APC will grab all the council seats they lost in the previous Local Council Elections, declares  that it is too late for the SLPP to fix the country.