Jumma is an important day in the Islamic calendar.In fact, the Qur’an invokes the importance of Friday as a sacred day of worship in a chapter called “Al-Jummah”

Yesterday Friday 14th July 2022, Dr. Samura Kamara joined Muslims in the Coconut Farm Community to worship the Almighty Allah at Masjid Thawoba.
Dr. Samura Kamara whose demonstration for religious tolerance is enormous, and whose ardent faith in the Almighty is unshakable prayed for the peace of our nation as the country at the moment demands everyone to pray for the nation.

The officiating imam Sheik Alhaji Ahmed expressed his delight to Dr. Samura Kamara for worshipping with them.

In the morning hours before the Jumma prayers , the whole coconut farm was filled with Muslims and supporters of the APC. Before Samura Kamara with his entourage, there was a heavy traffic from the Benze garage junction to Mount Aurel. Samura Kamara’s arrival painted the community red and white.

At the end of the prayers, worshippers as well as residents of Coconut Farm Community came out from all corners of the community to manifest their love for the President in awaiting.