Dr. Samura Kamara, former Presidential Aspirant of the All People’s Party (APC) has expressed delighted that court cases affecting the peace and stability of the party is now a thing of the past and that National Advisory Council (NAC) has put all modalities in place that will see the party unite to move forward as an entity until the flag bearer is chosen.

The former Presidential Flagbearer said this over the weekend following a meeting by the APC National Advisory Council on Friday to take final decision on the way forward for the party as they prepare to adopt their new constitution and start their lower level elections.

Reports from the secretariat states that Minkailu aka Political Arash has finally withdrawn the court matter and this has given the leeway to the party to make sure they form the 25 man committee to run the elections with 10 members from the party, 10 from NRM,NRM and five from NRM APC. These 25 man committee will be named during this week as the new date for the adoption of the new constitution will take place early March.

Hon Sirajin Rollings Kamara heading the NRM APC said they are happy that the party hierarchy has listened to them and they are working with the MOU all of them signed as this is the right move to make sure that the party in the next four to five months would have a new national executive and flab bearer that will give them the opportunity to start their mission in capturing State House come 2023.

He said they have come a long way after the 2018 elections and the reason for a new constitution is to make the party more democratic and more space to all so that they will have an advantage in winning elections.

“Our dream has been realized and the coming together of all of us beginning today Monday will send the right signal to the entire country that APC is now ready to retake State House Come 2023. Presently we are all hearing about the financial tsunami in the country and we too will start to weigh in as we were attacked in 2018 by Chief Minister telling the world that APC looted the treasury like drunken sailors. We hope that what is going on now shows that they are the drunken sailors.”