The member of Parliament representing Constituency 066 in the northern Karene District, Mohamed Bangura, has said in an exclusive interview that the leading flagbearer contender for the All People’s Congress (APC), Dr. Samura Kamara, will defeat President Julius Maada Bio hands down in the 2023 Presidential election if given the chance to lead the APC.

Hon. Bangura told the Nationalist yesterday at Dr. Samura Kamara’s Wellington Street office in central Freetown that he decided to join the Dr. Samura Campaign because he realized that he was the only one competent amongst all those vying for that position in the APC to revamp the economy and unite the country. When asked why he decided to throw his supporters to Dr. Samura Kamara at this time, he said: “I have seen victory in Dr. Samura’s face, and he will emerge as both flagbearer of the APC and eventually become the President of Sierra Leone by defeating President Bio by over 10 percent”.

He recalled that in the 2018 General Elections, President bio defeated Dr. Samura by less than two percent of the total votes cast. “With Dr. Kamara’s second challenge to Bio, considering what has happened and the current economic situation in the country, he will defeat President bio without any runoff”.