United States based Sierra Leonean actor, artiste, comedian and CEO of Making History Production, Sarah D Great has told Bo Rangers striker, Musa Tombo to apologize to Sierra Leoneans.

The actor compared Musa and popular APC politician, Sylvia Blyden that his name is making waves on social media like Sylvia since most people are bashing at him.

Sara D Great declared himself as a fan of Musa Tombo and stated that they both belong to the ‘Kamara’ family. However, he called on the football star to talk to Hawa Tombo as the script writer so that he can apologize. He added that he doesn’t like the way the Creoles are talking against him like Sylvia Blyden. He advised Musa to state that, the video where he mentioned about not marrying a woman with six children is a prank.