Ex-Fiancée of Victor Onie Williams and winner of Housemates Salone season 2 reality TV show, Saraih Conteh has today reacted following to comments and rumours cycling the blue app with regards to Victor Onie Williams’married proposal to his new girlfriend.

News of both celebrities reached supporters during the Housemates Salone season 2 show. After the show, Victor and Saraih were like Jack and Rose. Their love was unstoppable for months until we were hit by news of each going their separate ways in 2021.

Debunking rumours cycling the web, Saraih Conteh Roberts disclosed that the rumours were all fake and that a child of God as she is will never hurt herself over Onie’s decision.

“… prophetic child like I am, I maybe hurt for a moment but I will never break….” She disclosed on her live video. The celebrity continued that, she is not responsible for any other person’s misfortune and that she is a Black panther in her own spiritual realm.

Saraih Conteh Roberts, who many thoughts should be crying and depressed over the issue explicitly told everyone that she is not the type. Although she agreed that when they had their break last, she met those she trusted and cried, but that was then as she claims being a strong woman.

According to Saraih Conteh Roberts, Victor Onie Williams is long forgotten in her life and whatever decision he takes in his life has nothing to do with her. She added that people should be mindful the way they react to issues online and urged them to do more research before they can draw conclusions relating to her.