Anti- Corruption Commisions’s Scorpion Squad raids and arrests 11 pupils taking the Mathematics WASSCE Examination in the house of Ibrahim Turay, the Proprietor of a school near his house at Deep Yai Water, Freetown.

According to the Anti Corruption, Francis Ben Kaifala, the malpractice ring was coordinated by the Principal of the School who brought in a Njala University Maths student to assist the students by isolating them from the nearby centre and allow them to freely cheat while exams were on in the centre.

The culprits were caught will all exam materials. “In the exam hall itself dozens of pupils had their mobile phones with them (all allowed by the supervisors).” The commissioner revealed.


The ACC commissioned believes that integrity starts at that level and they will chase them in their hiding places, arrests and detain them.

WASSCE Examination malpractices have become a common among Pupils in Senior Secondary. This practices have led to fall in standards in Sierra Leone’s educational system