Sierra Leonean Entertainment Guru and the CEO of Kabaka Multimedia Entertainment has named this year EcoFest as “Rejuvenation”.

Few weeks ago, Kabaka was under serious pressure on social media from fans and music lovers all over the world for EcoFest. The fans were calling on the CEO to have EcoFest this year since the show did not hold in 2020 due to Covid-19.

On Facebook Live, the CEO finally assured fans that there will be EcoFest this year and the management will soon put out a Press Release.

To a surprise, the CEO made the announcement on his Facebook page by naming this year EcoFest as the Rejuvenation. He wrote:

ECOFEST SIERRA LEONE returns this 2021 with the theme REJUVENATION. We are still recovering from the global pandemic and its consequences in the spirit of resilience refusing to give up. Life goes on as we push Covid-19 away. We will never give up as a people and as a brand. We Are Back!!! #ECOFESTSIERRALEONE2021 #REJUVENATION

2021 EcoFest will have a 2 day celebration with a full package. The festival will take place on the 26th & 27th November. It will be housing musicians from Nigeria, Kenya, Guinea, Senegal, Congo DRC, Liberia, Ghana, The Gambia, Ivory Coast and Uganda couple with Sierra Leonean musicians.

This has got the fans so excited as they have never received disappointment from the CEO. They are already making a list of Musicians they want the Entertainment Guru to invite from the countries mentioned.