There is an ongoing feud in the All Peoples Congress (APC) Interim Transitional Governance Committee (FTGC) that has caused the interim Chairman Alfred Peter Conteh to issue a press release on Friday 10th June stating, that their efforts are being, clearly derailed by the malicious interference of some in the defunct executive in the manifestations of the lack of cooperation and frequent an unwarranted disruptions from certain members nominated by main opposition leader of parliament to serve in al the Interim Transitional Governance Committee (ITGC) of the APC.

He said this interference is not helping them to mount a meaningful and effective opposition attention with precise attention to the upcoming Bye Elections and the just published meritless census results from Statistic Sierra Leone, which is paramount to the party, amongst others.

The interim Chair averred that the indescribable spectacle of disrespect mem disrespect and frequent insults to other senior and elderly members of the committee left him with no option, but to take not the following actions to ensure timely and effective delivery of their mandates.

“Pursuant to 75 with specific reference to wor to Paragraph 75(1) of the of the Approved Judgement

Pursuant to Paragraph 75 with specific reference to Paragraph 75(1) of the Approved Judgement of Justice Adrian Fisher 28th April 2022,

all standing.committees are suspended until further notice. To ensure smooth flow of the TTGC’s operations, members of the TTGC and nonmembers of the TTGC will perform demanding tasks of the APC.”
He called on the general membership and the public to direct all correspondences, entreaties, and donations to the Chairman TTGC in accordance with paragraph-75(1). He also said that pursuant to Paragraph 90(10) of the aforementioned judgement, the general public, supporters, sympathizers, and members of the party globally are to direct all donations, fees, dues and other quantifiable financial gifts to the TTGC of the APC.

“Pursuant to Paragraphs 43, 60, 67, 71, and 83 of the judgement, all donations, fees, dues and other financially quantifiable gifts from members, supporters, well-wishers and all those in the diaspora to the APC party through former executive members must be delivered to the diaspora representative of the TTGC.

These directives given by the interim Chairman Alfred Peter Conteh did not go down well with the interim Secretary General Hon Abdul Kargbo who came out very strongly with his own press release to caution the Interim Chair so that they can continue to work together for the furtherance of the party.

He said he is drawing the attention of the interim Chair that the judgement f Hon. Adrian Fisher dated 28 April 2022. Pursuant to Paragraph 90 (10) the said judgment ordered that the TTGC shall have overall responsibility for manning the affairs of the party until the National Delegates conference…”.

Paragraph 90(10) (6) further states that no order to achieve unity within d the party, decisions of the TTGC shall be by simple majority. So your publication of the said press statement ithout the expressed approval of the Committee is a deliberate attempt to not only violate the said orders of the Judge but to also bring the committee into disrepute and deter the transition process of the party.”

He averred that members of the Committee consider the said press statement as disingenuous to the unity and smooth running of the affairs of the party when it states among others that “…all standing committees are suspended until further notice; and the general membership and the public are advised to direct all correspondences entreaties, and donations to the Chairman TTGC in accordance with Paragraph 75(1), Hon Kargbo explained that Paragraph 75(1) states;

“The Plaintiff shall nominate 9 persons into the Committee, one of whom shall be the Chairman.” This paragraph he said only provides that the plaintiff nominate nine persons into the committee one of whom shall be the Chairman. “Nowhere in the judgment does it confer on you any special powers to singlehandedly take decisions for the Committee, and be reminded that on the 18th May 2022, you chaired the Committee meeting in which the Secretary and Head of Secretariat were elected, and the Committee further voted for the establishment of all five sub- committee of TTGC. These actions are not only ill- informed but are also blatant disregard and violation of Paragraph 90 (10) ( 6) of the order of the court.”

The interim Sec. Gen noted that the committee inherited details of the bank accounts information of the party and had changed signatories to the said bank account from the former leaders to the committee.