In a significant push for lasting peace, the section chiefs of Devil Hole community in Sierra Leone have underscored the importance of involving former President Koroma and all political parties in a proposed peace mediation.

The initiative, led by the Independent Peace Commission and Interreligious Council, aims to pave the way for reconciliation and stability in the country.

Chief Pa Alimamy Ketima Conteh, a respected figure in Devil Hole, highlighted the significance of dialogue as a highly effective approach to resolving conflicts. However, Chief Conteh suggested that if dialogue proves unsuccessful and the parties remain unwilling to engage with one another, transferring power to the military could be considered as a means to restore stability and peace.

He also advocated for the possibility of conducting another election to ensure a peaceful democratic process. Chief Conteh stressed the necessity of having multiple parties represented in Parliament to promote peace, development, and democracy, emphasizing, “There should be a second and third party in Parliament.”

While Devil Hole community remains peaceful, Chief Ketima expressed concern over the escalating conflict between the major political parties following the recent election. He underlined the urgent need to address and resolve this issue, citing social media and public opinions as sources of tension that must be addressed and quelled.

Chief Kapr Semie Koroma of 55 Devil Hole echoed these sentiments, emphasizing the unrest among political supporters in the country due to the ongoing dispute between the major parties.

He shared a personal anecdote about his wife’s inability to travel to Tombo community for fish sales because of false information circulating on social media. Chief Kapr Koroma highlighted the impact of the conflict on the daily lives of community members, particularly on their livelihoods.

Reverend Jessie Fornah of the Interreligious Council, approached for comments on the proposed mediation, informed Awoko that the Independent Peace Commission had suggested engaging in dialogue with political parties and stakeholders as a means to mediate peace.

He also revealed ongoing meetings and efforts to advance the mediation process. As Sierra Leone strives for lasting peace, the involvement of former President Koroma and inclusive dialogue among political parties are increasingly recognized as vital steps toward national reconciliation and progress.