The National Security Coordinator Abdulai Caulker, has affirmed that they will relentlessly focus on executing their constitutional duty by ensuring they provide the peace and security the nation needs and also protect lives and property during and after the June 24th, 2023 election which will be held in few days.

He gave this assurance in a press conference with journalists and international observers held at the office of National Security conference room.

Caulker made mention of the numerous activities undertaken by the sector which he said have helped them to be adequately prepared for the peaceful conduct of the June 24th elections.

“We will not sit by and allow miscreants to subvert either our democracy or the state”. He added

He furthered that the security sector recognized that election is a civil process, and that they will not over-securitize it, noting that the police will predominantly with support from other auxiliary forces provide security for the elections.

Caulker went on to assure their preparedness in providing security; “The Security Sector is adequately prepared to provide security for the upcoming elections which are our mandate. the security sector has reactivated the National Situation Room (NSR) to aid the sector in early warning and early response mechanisms relating to the electoral process as well as national security issues. The NSR has secured a toll-free line 119 which could be reached from all mobile networks in the country.”

He spoke of how the social media has been the greatest threat undermining the efforts of the security sector, adding that the sector will continue to chase and arrest defaulters.

He concluded by encouraging every citizen to embrace the efforts of the security sector and support their work together with the Election Management Bodies (EMBs) for the nation to experience a peaceful and credible electoral outcome on the 24th of June 2023.

In their part, the Inspector General of Police William Fayia Sellu, spoke of how the SLP has been fully involved in electioneering processes for over four elections, noting that they are key players running for the upcoming elections.

He revealed that there are going to be some changes in the movement of people on election day which will be different from the 2018 elections, adding that before the Supreme Court ruling in 2018, citizens will be allowed to ply their vehicles across the country on election day.

“There will be no restrictions on vehicle movement on election day, but people must do so responsibly”.

Major General Dauda Alpha on behalf of RSLAF and the Joint Command spoke of how the RSLAF has embarked on nationwide training of its personnel adding that RSLAF will continue giving sufficient support to the police and other force in ensuring that there is peace.

“We have trained our soldiers on election management training and have let our soldiers know to be apolitical and professional”.