Sierra Leone’s Chief Minister, Dr. David Moinina Sengeh, arrived in Dubai today ahead of the 2024 World Governments Summit, taking place from February 12th to 14th. This year’s Summit focuses on “Shaping Future Governments,” a theme well-aligned with Dr. Sengeh’s reputation as a champion of innovation and reform in public service.

Dr. Sengeh comes to the Summit with a distinguished profile. Last year, he received the coveted “Best Minister in the World” Award for his groundbreaking work in transforming Sierra Leone’s digital landscape and implementing citizen-centric reforms.

He is poised to share his expertise on a global stage. During the Summit, Dr. Sengeh will deliver a keynote address at a forum on “Government Services,” detailing Sierra Leone’s inspiring journey towards digitalization. He will also participate in a panel on “Minds of the Move: Human Centric Empowerment,” where he will discuss President Dr. Julius Maada Bio’s visionary agenda for human capital development.

The World Governments Summit, launched in 2013, brings together government leaders, private sector innovators, and policy makers to explore transformative solutions for shaping the future. Dr. Sengeh’s presence reflects Sierra Leone’s commitment to embracing positive change and collaborating on a global scale.

Upon arrival, Dr. Sengeh received a warm welcome from Sierra Leone’s Ambassador to the UAE, Rashid Sesay, highlighting the strong diplomatic ties between the two nations.

Dr. Sengeh’s participation in the Summit promises to be both insightful and impactful, showcasing Sierra Leone’s leadership in driving positive change through innovation and human-centered development.