The Minister of Basic and Senior Secondary Education (MBSSE), David Monina Sengeh has on the 27th January, 2023 handed over one thousand set of furniture to the Government Municipal Girls Secondary School for Science and Technology in Makeni.

Speaking on the how the help was initiated, Minister Sengeh said when the school was established three years ago, he did make a promise to help the school with furniture on behalf of President Bio in promoting educational standards in the country.

The minister also disclosed that, six (6) teachers from the school are also currently on the government’s payroll.

‘’Today, I am pleased to handover 1,000 set of furniture to support the students. In addition, I announced that 6 of their volunteer teachers are now on payroll. When the pupils and staff asked for a computer lab, a resourced library and science lab equipment, I sent a text to President Bio. And from the stage, he offered to provide the science equipment, computer lab and a resourced library for the school. Inclusive and responsive leadership,’’ he said.

He furthered that, upon his visit to the school, he was impressed with their chemistry lab demonstration, even though their teacher is a third year student who is volunteering his service to the school.

’With the enabling environment we are creating, STEM will continue to attract more girls nationwide. When we say we will change Sierra Leone – we mean one progress story at a time,’’ he summed up.