Chief Minister Dr. David Sengeh on Friday, September 1st, 2023, paid a visit to the Sierra Leone Correctional Service (SLCS), where he emphasized the importance of engaging inmates in agricultural activities to help feed themselves.

During his visit, Dr. Sengeh made it clear that inmates should actively participate in agricultural work, stating, “They can at least grow the rice they eat.” He emphasized that this initiative would significantly reduce the government’s expenditure on feeding inmates, allowing those funds to be allocated to other vital areas.

In addition to addressing the issue of prison feeding, Dr. Sengeh also touched upon the overcrowding problem that plagues the SLCS. He assured that the government was actively exploring solutions to alleviate this situation and provide safer conditions for incarcerated individuals.

“The process will be accelerated to establish a modern correctional facility where our brothers and sisters can be housed in more secure and humane conditions”.

In a gesture of support, Dr. Sengeh presented the SLCS with two brand-new laptops intended for inmate computer lessons, enhancing their opportunities for education and skill development. Additionally, he provided footballs to aid in physical training and exercise programs for inmates.

The Chief Minister’s visit serves as a significant turning point in the approach to managing correctional facilities in Sierra Leone, emphasizing rehabilitation and self-sufficiency for inmates while also addressing critical concerns such as overcrowding. The move towards integrating agriculture into the rehabilitation process is seen as a promising step toward a more sustainable and effective correctional system in the country.