Sierra Leone’s Chief Minister, David Moinina Sengeh has had a meeting with the MCC Governing Managing Director, Dan Barnes on strategic issues.

The engagement was based on given assurance of the government’s commitment to engage the opposition members and stakeholders in the governance process of the country.

The meeting also incorporated the United States Ambassador, Bryan Hunt, and his team who were in full attendance.

It would be recalled that the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) diverted from its original timeline for considering approval of a compact for the Republic of Sierra Leone over the outcome of the 2023 general elections.

In a statement on Thursday, September 14, 2023, the MCC said it will continue to engage with the Government of Sierra Leone in the spirit of a longstanding partnership but did not mention a possible timeline for when the compact will be approved.

MCC Compacts are five-year grant agreements between MCC and an eligible country to fund programs designed to create an enabling environment for private sector investment. To be eligible for compact assistance, countries must meet certain scorecard indicators set by the MCC. Sierra Leone has passed 11 out of the 20 indicators on the Millennium Challenge Corporation, MCC, the scorecard for 2023, making it the country’s fourth consecutive pass since the government of Julius Maada Bio in 2018.

However, following widespread concerns surrounding the credibility of Sierra Leone’s June 2023 elections, the MCC put on hold, the approval of a grant for Sierra Leone.

This packed program entails a substantial US$450 million grant, disbursed over a five-year period, intended to bolster various sectors within the nation.

Following the meeting on Wednesday, Sengeh maintained that the government is hungry to accelerate inclusive national development at all times.