Education Minister, David  Moinina Sengeh has engaged 198 Engineering students in development in a businesses  Entrepreneurship class.

Along with his work schedule, he lectured at the faculty of engineering at the University of Sierra Leone. It was the last class for Entrepreneurship and Innovation class taken by all 5th Year Engineering students.

The 199 students were split into 25 groups and together they learned the basics skills of entrepreneurship and innovation including registering and starting businesses, coding, and data science, learning about the SDGs and NDPs, how to develop a business canvas map (@ Francis Steven George, yes they used the canvas today), etc.
Two things the Minister was proud about during the final presentations :

1. Someone brought forward a design project they worked on as fourth-year students in his class last year (Yay for building on ideas and growth).

2. One group had already started their business during the semester (I mean, what else can I say?)
It’s easy to feel like things are just always the same as before… but that won’t be correct. He feels truly proud of this cohort and how they’ve been able to grow. Dr. Sengeh is sure that from among these students, some will become entrepreneurs and others innovators solving critical problems in society.

He thanked all those who contributed to the class and most importantly his superhuman TA Mohamed James.  He described him as his true partner working with him at DSTI, MBSSE, and the university.

He described his experience teaching (a class of 199) as grounding but it remains among one of his favorite things to do.