Sierra Leone’s Chief Minister, David Moinina Sengeh, held a significant meeting with representatives from the Eastern Artists Union (EAU) to discuss their plans for advancing the development of the nation’s thriving arts and culture industry and uplifting the country’s youth population.

During the gathering, Chief Minister Sengeh emphasized the pivotal role that the country’s young people play in the strategic development of Sierra Leone. He referred to the youth as the bedrock upon which the nation’s progress relies and labeled them as the driving force behind its growth and prosperity.

Notably, the East Coast Power Bank Atical Foyoh has taken the Salone Power Bank initiative to the East End of Freetown, including areas such as Portee, Texaco, Shell, Yams Farm, and Rokupr. In this initiative’s outreach, it was evident that the youth of Sierra Leone are the cornerstones of the country’s social and economic well-being. Large gatherings of young people, with as many as 300 to 500 individuals in some instances, were observed in various clubs during the campaign.

Chief Minister Sengeh praised the youth for their active involvement in both the social and economic aspects of the nation. He noted that, even in the midst of leisure activities, young Sierra Leoneans found time to discuss vital topics such as agriculture, showcasing their enthusiasm for contributing to the nation’s development.

In his address, Chief Minister Sengeh also highlighted the peace and security that the country currently enjoys, underscoring that it primarily rests on the shoulders of its youthful population. He observed young people walking the streets peacefully at 3:00 am, a testament to the country’s stability and security.

Sengeh expressed his optimism about Sierra Leone’s future and urged unity among the youth. He cautioned against the divisive tactics employed by some politicians who exploit the young generation for personal gain and power. The Chief Minister concluded his statement with a resounding call to empower the youth and ensure they have the opportunity to lead the nation forward, emphasizing the need to clear any obstacles in their path.

In closing, he expressed his profound inspiration and belief in the nation’s young population, emphasizing that with their participation and leadership, Sierra Leone will continue to progress and thrive. Chief Minister Sengeh concluded by reiterating the hashtag #WeWillDeliver, symbolizing his unwavering commitment to the nation’s youth and their vital role in shaping Sierra Leone’s future.