Chief Minister of Sierra Leone, Dr. David Moinina Sengeh has addressed the public during an interview on Radio Democracy. Dr. Sengeh proposes a condition for Peace dialogue Tomorrow if only Dr. Richard Conteh and APC retrieve their escaped prisoners.

Dr Sengeh highlighted a significant step towards reconciliation, revealing that as part of the peace dialogue agreement, the government is committed to releasing all APC (All People’s Congress) members who were arrested during the recent election.

However, the chief minister added an intriguing condition to this commitment. He urged Dr. Richard Conteh, a prominent figure in the APC, to produce all APC members who escaped during the attempted coup on 26th November, 2023. Dr. Sengeh expressed his readiness to engage in a peace dialogue the very next day if Dr. Conteh fulfills this condition.

I want Dr. Richard Conteh to release a press statement urging all loyal APC members, especially those on the list currently not in prison, to show up and register themselves back to the prison,” emphasized Dr. Sengeh. He promised that if all escaped APC prisoners willingly return, discussions will commence promptly, with the judiciary involved in the deliberations.

Dr. Sengeh took a firm stance on those who doubted the authenticity of the attempted coup, stating, “All those citizens dismissing the prison break on 26th November, 2023, as a staged event by the government are not showing love for their country.” He went on to assert that denying the reality of the attempted coup, despite military officials and civilians losing their lives, is an act of disloyalty to the nation.

The chief minister expressed his frustration with those who propagate misinformation, labeling them as dishonest politicians and citizens who do not have the best interests of the country at heart. Dr. Sengeh’s call for unity and adherence to truth comes at a critical juncture, as Sierra Leone grapples with the aftermath of a tumultuous election and a failed coup attempt.

As the nation awaits Dr. Richard Conteh’s response and the potential return of escaped APC members, the outcome of this dialogue could significantly influence Sierra Leone’s path towards stability and reconciliation.