Amid the recent escalation in data tariffs in Sierra Leone, Chief Minister David Moinina Sengeh has reached out to the citizens, stressing the importance of exercising caution in their data usage.

In his message to the community, he emphasized the need to use data judiciously, particularly in the face of increased costs, advocating for a shift towards prioritizing valuable and educational content over mere entertainment.

Sengeh refrained from passing judgment but shed light on a prevailing trend where a significant portion of data allowances is being spent on sharing football-related videos and content, with a particular emphasis on Chelsea FC. While expressing no disdain toward this interest, he earnestly advised the public to adopt a more balanced and constructive approach to data consumption.

He stated, “Not one to judge, but observing your data usage, it’s primarily dedicated to sharing football content. My advice is to consider being data-wise, utilizing it for more than sharing Chelsea FC videos—perhaps for learning a new skill or two. I care about your well-being, hence this advice.”

Expressing genuine concern for the citizens’ welfare, Sengeh suggested diversifying data usage beyond leisure activities like watching football videos. He encouraged individuals to explore opportunities for self-improvement, proposing the acquisition of new skills and knowledge through online resources.

Moreover, he added, “A small piece of advice: refrain from using your data to complain about expensive tariffs or engage in abusive language or gossip. Be data-wise.”

Sengeh’s guidance reflects a broader perspective on leveraging data as a tool for personal growth, particularly during times of financial strain caused by increased tariffs. His message doesn’t seek to discourage interests but aims to promote a more balanced and purposeful use of data resources.

The call to be “data-wise” aligns with a vision for the populace to invest in personal and professional development, using online platforms for educational purposes. Sengeh’s advice underscores a commitment to the well-being and progress of the Sierra Leonean community amid evolving economic conditions.