In a matter presided over by Principal Magistrate Sahr Kekura of Pademba Road Magistrate Court No.1 in Freetown the main bodyguard to His Excellency President Bio, Peter Momoh Lumeh, a Police Officer, has alleged that he was beaten mercilessly by a group of gangsters at Bombay Street whilst carrying out his lawful duty along with his men.

The accused Alpha Thaimu Conteh is standing trial on two counts of Assault Occasioning Actual Bodily Harm contrary to Section 47 of the offence Against the person Act of 1861 and W wounding contrary to section 20 of the same Act.

According to the Particular of offence, the Accused Alpha Thaimu Conteh on the 17th 2021 at Bombay Street, Freetown together with other person unknown assaulted and wounded Police Officer Peter Momoh Lumeh thereby causing him actual bodily harm.

Testifying in court PWI, the complainant Peter Momoh Lumeh Police Constable (PC) 19001 led by Police Prosecutor Inspector Kadi Taylor said he recognized the accused at the dock and recalled the 17th November 2021. He narrated that they were driving along Fourah Bay Road but decided to take Bombay Street where they met this Keke driver parked in the middle of the street.  He said they told him to move the Keke to the corner of the road but he refused; according to him there were four occupants in the vehicle.

Immediately, people were heard chanting “black jeep, na-kaycha-kaycha” meaning ‘kidnappers ; there was a large number of people around the vehicle and one of them destroyed the handle of the door whereupon the accused person and the others succeeded in breaking the vehicle’s glass, he explained.

He furthered that at this juncture he came down and rushed at the Keke driver and handcuffed his one hand in other to take him to the Eastern Police Station to which the which rush at him and beat him mercilessly with stones and broken benches.

He said he was helpless and wasting a lot of blood. PWI continued that he was rescued by his wife’s brother who was passing by and took him to the Eastern Police Station where he was given a Police Medical form which he later returned endorsed and made a station.

Standard Times Newspaper reports that, the witness was cross examined by a volunteer defense Counsel Lawyer I.T. Bundu ESQ; the matter was adjourned to the 22nd February 2022.