Former Minister of Transport and Aviation in the All People’s Congress (APC) government, Hon. Kemoh Sesay, has urged the Tripartite Committee to deliver fair and just recommendations, warning that failure to do so could spell doom for Sierra Leone.

Sesay emphasized the high expectations of the Sierra Leonean people, insisting that the committee’s recommendations should favor democracy and the nation’s interests.

According to The Exclusive Newspaper, He highlighted the importance of the subsequent implementation phase, which all parties have agreed upon.

Addressing concerns that President Julius Maada Bio might resist implementing the committee’s recommendations, Sesay expressed confidence that international support and pressure from APC members and supporters would ensure compliance. “For those of you who believe President Bio will not agree to the implementation, he has to be forced by nature to do the right thing,” Sesay stated.

He acknowledged that if the recommendations are evidence-based but not in the APC’s favor, the party would have no choice but to accept them. “We have to accept it,” he reiterated, noting that nature compelled Bio to conduct elections.

Sesay affirmed that until the committee’s recommendations are implemented, Dr. Samura Kamara remains the APC flagbearer and leader. He praised Bio’s repeated claims of having Sierra Leone’s best interests at heart, suggesting that achieving sustainable peace would be a significant legacy for the President.

Referencing other African leaders who have been granted amnesty after conceding defeat, Sesay implied that a similar outcome could be expected in Sierra Leone if Kamara wins the election. Based on the APC’s collated results from the North, Northwest, and Western Area Urban and Rural, Sesay concluded that Kamara won the June 23, 2024, presidential election.

Sesay called on APC members and supporters to patiently await the Tripartite Committee’s recommendations, hinting that the electoral process is not yet complete. He drew a parallel to the 1995 Bintumani conference, recalling that Julius Maada Bio was initially reluctant to relinquish power, but ultimately did so.