Sierra Leone Hip Hop star Algassimu S. Jarr popularly known as Shadow Boxxer on this date last year tied the knot with his wife Aminata Dumbuya – Jarr.

To celebrate their one year anniversary, the rapper shared lovely pictures captioned with love words directed to his wife on social media.

“I said let’s get married on 3 different days. She said why not let’s go for it. Today marks 1 year of our third day. Happy Anniversary to us my Queen. Your unwavering support of our family and I is why I love you even more. And I already love you da max out kinda love lol. Let’s go for another 30. I’m ready. Love you and Happy Anniversary my love Aminata Dumbuya – Jarr,” he posted.

Shadow Boxxer is one of the finest rappers in the country. His lyrics and word plays are up there with the very best.

The rapper recent single with Mello Seven, Champion was played on the CNN Inside Africa program earlier this week.

We wishe Mr. and Mrs. Jarr all the very best in their matrimonial home.